about talk town

3.-5. may 2018 – see you in huset-kbh

Talk Town’s central purpose is to create a platform for a democratic debate about equality, gender and feminism.
The festival was founded on the back of the Women Deliver conference, hosted by Copenhagen in 2016. Cultural production collective, Indgreb, wished to open up access to the numerous Women Deliver delegates representing all sides of the global equality debate to the citizens of Copenhagen, and anchor global issues in the Danish context. A strong partnership between The Danish Women’s Council and Indgreb led to the first Talk Town, held in the Meat Packing District. Though the festival was only conceptualised as a one-off event, the support and participation in that first year was so great that the festival returned with even greater success in 2017, this time situating itself in the centre of the city in the Main Library. This time over 60  international and Danish partners produced a diverse range of events for over 3000 guests.

Talk Town is here to stay.

Now in its third year, Talk Town will be hosted by the historic Huset-KBH when the festival returns on the 3rd-5th of May. All five floors will be filled with 90 free events;

debates, talks, conferences and workshops, mixed with art exhibitions, concerts, game cafés, live radio podcasts and performances; all centred around equality, gender and feminism.

Talk Town is a professional, social and cultural framework, where equality organisations, members of the business community, trade unions, specialist associations, political parties, volunteers, public representatives, grassroots organisations, educational institutions, citizens and international commentators come together to discuss gender and equality policies: an interdisciplinary stage for an active public.

Talk Town is by nature a platform for network and dialogue. The festival is crowd-sourced, with individual actors and groups gathering under a spacious Talk Town umbrella. In other words, Talk Town provides a flexible framework for interest organisations and individuals to contribute to the conversation with their particular passion. The festival provides scope for conversations that converge and diverge, for opinions that align and clash, but which all point in the same direction; equality.

Talk Town is free and open to the public.


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