TAlk town Aarhus 2019

It’s time to spread the word about Talk Town to the whole country. That’s the reason why Talk Town is coming to Aarhus in 2019.

At the 2018 Talk Town, there were hosted a workshop called Talk Town Ud I Landet. At this workshop, there where organizers and operators from different parts of the country to discuss how the festival could expand to locations outside of Copenhagen. Through this discussion, a desire and idea occurred to establish Talk Town in Aarhus, which same year led to a workgroup for the festival in Aarhus.

This workgroup for the project Talk Town Aarhus contains a serious of organizers and groups with interest, which together with the secretariat in Copenhagen are working on making the Talk Town festival a reality.


Do you want to join?

If you want to know more about who you engage yourself as an organizer, co-creator, volunteer etc. or if you have any ideas or questions? Then your more than welcome to send an e-mail:

See you in September in Aarhus at the 2019 Talk Town!

Talk town Aarhus – 1-day festival about gender, equality and feminism.

Saturday 28’th of September 2019 in Aarhus (Venue to be announced)

All events at the festival is free and accessible to the public. Note that there will be a fee for some concerts at the festival.


Stages and accessibility

Talk Town 2019 is hosted for the first time in Aarhus. The initiative is brand new and we are yet to find a festival location. As soon as the location agreement is in order, the website will get updated. The Open call program has its deadline in June 2019 and here you will be able to share your preferences about scenes and location at the festival, which fits your event, in your application.

We’re working on making the festival as accessible as possible for everybody. You’ll be able to get an overview of the scene locations, when it gets accessible. If you have any specific inquiries, which could upgrade the experience of the accessibility, then don’t hesitate to contact us.