Set the scene for equality, gender and feminism in Denmark – join Talk Town!

Debates are best when they provide the scope for differences of opinion. Talk Town invites associations, media outlets, political parties, clubs, activists, professional organisations, the business community, individuals and grassroots organisations to fill Huset-KBH’s five floors with debates, workshops, common dinners or something entirely different. All voices, themes and formats are welcome.

Talk Town 2018 will find a home in Huset-KBH, where the possibilities for events are almost endless. Whether your event is for 20 or 300 participants, whether you want to create an invite-only meeting for industry professionals, a concert, a conversational salon or a large panel debate with international guests. View the venues here.

NB: In most cases, there will be a small fee for

organisers, which covers technical personnel, sound and lighting equipment, venue and production.


Take back the Tech!

– Gender, feminism and digital culture

In a world that is gradually becoming more and more digitised, technological abilities will grow in demand.


From hashtag to action

The hashtag #MeToo was created by the American activist Tarana Burke in 2006.

Boys will be boys, and girls…

Challenging norms in pedagogy

What happens when boys are offered comfort to a lesser degree than girls by their teachers?

Turn Up the Tempo

– Equality in the music industry

Looking at Denmark’s musical landscape, you’ll find that women make up only 20%

 Violence, Shame and Tabu 

– Psychological and physical violence in intimate relationships

Violence is not limited to physical violence alone.



Look at sweden! 

-Experiences from a capital of equality

According to Nordic research from 2015, Denmark is far behind the rest of the Nordic countries 


– Power relations in the construction industry

Who are we building for and how? Join the reconstruction! We wish to create a diverse construction industry and question the agenda for the city of the future.


Talk Town 2018 will be held in Huset-KBH, taking over most of the building (including the cosy courtyards) so every type of event, from public debates and large conferences, to intimate conversations about sensitive topics, will be able to find a suitable landing spot. When you register an event, you have the opportunity to request which of Huset-KBH’s venues you would like to use, but the final decision will be taken in dialogue with Talk Town.